Want a Simple Seasoning for Your Food?

Pick up some of our all purpose Cajun seasoning in Youngsville or New Iberia, LA

While seasoning with a big, bold flavor is fantastic, some people just want something simple. MaD All Purpose Cajun Seasoning understands just that. That's why we offer all purpose Cajun seasoning in the Youngsville and New Iberia, LA area. Once you taste our authentic Cajun seasoning, you'll realize there's nothing else like it. It's sweet at first but has a little kick at the end. We know that you'll absolutely love it.

See why you should choose our original seasoning

There are many reasons why our authentic Cajun seasoning is the perfect addition to your meals. Customers love it because it:

  • Has a little sugar to give some sweet heat
  • Contains granulated products like onion and garlic
  • Goes great with meat, poultry, popcorn and vegetables

Our original seasoning comes in 8-ounce containers. Visit your local store today to pick up some of our all purpose Cajun seasoning.